The Cowboys Helping Cowboys

Our Mission

The organization’s mission is to provide financial support for people in the ranching cowboy community who experience health and accident-related emergencies that result in the inability to work and provide for their families. Before seeking 501(c)3 status, the individuals forming the Board held two events to raise over $25,000 for two widows who lost their husbands to unexpected health issues. These fundraising events allowed them to cover hospital and funeral expenses that otherwise would have placed them in severe financial distress. This experience created the impetus to formalize the fundraising effort as more instances of need in a community comprised of cowboys, often with little or no health and disability insurance, came to light.

Board Members

Mike Bruce

Secretary & Treasurer:
Annette Coker

Kevin Meyer
Richard McNay
Dan Moyer
Lisa Clapp
Sandy Bruce


3125 CR 250
Durango, CO 81301

Mike: 970-946-8248
Netty: 970-799-4743

Photo Credits: Jesse Venteicher